If you come to Guatemala, take the time to go sightseeing through breathtaking landscapes in the confort of our helicopters.
HELITOURS is the best way to see Guatemala, make good use of your time and enjoy your business or pleasure trip even more!

Enjoy the incredible views of the magnificent guatemalan landscape, from the air! Join us in any one of our pre-established tours:
Together with our partners Helicopteros de Guatemala we have created a program that allows you to visit the most beautiful places in Guatemala.

Take one of our helicopter tours and fly over many different touristic sites, anywhere in Central America, attending tourism operations, travel agencies and hotels.

CREATE YOUR OWN TOUR, an unforgettable experience!

We can plan your trips to anywhere in Central America, starting at Guatemala City.
Our experience and the training of our pilots guarantee a calm and enjoyable journey to any destination.
Plan the best tour for you and for your family.

Helitours take off every day at 8:00 AM, (EVERYDAY including weekends!).
Flights may vary depending on the weather.
Prices subject to change without previous notice.